Submitted by: Elliott Douglass on Sep 10, 2009
My husband and I bought a Brittany Spaniel, "Lady", from Jeremy
in June of 2009 and it was the best experience I have ever had. His
sons were playing with the pups as we drove up per their
"socialization schedule" to play and get used to people at the same
time. Lady's parents were on site in well kept, clean kennels, where
both he and his wife share a love for these dogs. Jeremy allowed us to
stay for what seemed like forever to pick out just the perfect dog for
our family. I swear, knowing him, if we had stayed any longer he
would have asked us to dinner! :) He is knowledgeable with his
breeds, cares for them like they were his own, and keeps a very clean
"non-puppy mill" kennel, to raise and breed his beloved dogs. Buy
from him and you will not be disappointed!
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Hello, Jeremy,

I don't know if you remember us, but we bought two of your
Brittanies a couple of years ago and we picked them up after
Christmas time. Charlie and Jack (officially Charlemagne des
Champs and Jacques le Beau) have become the joys of our lives
and I thought you might be interested in how they are doing. We
were going to send you a card this year, but it never happened,
so I just looked you up online and found your new website.
Looks pretty sharp. Anyway, our dogs have become a couple of
well adjusted pets that sleep indoors every night now, though it
took a long cold winter to convince them of how comfortable
sleeping indoors can be. I hunt with them when I can, though not
as much as either of us would like. Throughout the year they run
at the park and sometimes at the quail training field that my
club leases. I think they have a pretty good life.
Both dogs are natural hunters, just to different degrees. Charlie,
the liver-and-white, has turned out to be a star. Jack, the black
and white one, we just love him just the way he is. Half the time
he points by hunching down with his rear in the air, and he's
been accused of running in and catching a farm raised quail or
two. To be fair, he has seen how bad I shoot. Charlie, on the
other hand, has really earned my respect in the field. Despite
how inept his training has been, Charlie points like something
you see on a calendar and he's steady to shot the vast majority of
the time. I can take no credit for any of that. And this year, out
of the blue, he just started to retrieve, after I had given up all
hope of interesting him in it. I guess he just felt sorry for me.
They don't range very far, which may be partly nature and also
that I call them back so often, but that was exactly what I
wanted. They may never have a fancy title, but we have a lot of
fun. They've pointed quail, pheasants, and woodcock as well as
rabbits and cats. They even pointed an armadillo one time but it
sneaked away. That wasn't their finest hour.
I'm enclosing a picture of them in action. If you ever need a
reference in Western Tennessee, just let me know. I wrote a
review for your page on Gundogbreeders.com, if they put it up.
For what we needed we couldn't have found better dogs. I have a
friend here now who breeds Brittanies, but I think we'll still
come back to you when the time comes for another pup (we just
won't tell him that).

Best of wishes,
-John and Melanie Lynch.
"On Point"