Hi Jeremy,

Mark and I wanted to drop you an email to let you know how well
Dixie is adjusting to her new home.  Which each passing day, she and
Shea are becoming bigger buddies!  Dixie is still a little nervous about
coming into the house but once she is inside she absolutely loves it!  
She loves being pampered so she is going to fit right in with Shea,
Roxy,and Snickers.   We can already see how competitive Shea and
Dixie are going to be --- they both love racing to fetch a ball and
bringing  it back to us.  Too cute!  

Question --- by chance do you have any of Dixie's younger pictures
that you could attach to an email for us?  It would be great to have
some of those since she was older when she became a family member
of ours.  If not, that's okay....

I have attached a picture of Dixie and Shea.  We will keep you posted
on Dixie.  Thanks for allowing us to make her one of "ours"....we will
take excellent care of her!  

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