Thanks to Havencrest Gundogs we added a beautiful Brittany to our
family.  My daughter Olivia is a huge dog lover and the addition of
this great Brittany (Chloe) from Havencrest has been a joy for all of
us.  Olivia and Chloe participated in 4H dog showing when Chloe was
just 1 year old and they won 1st place in Showmanship. They looked
really good together!! Chloe was such a wonderful fun loving dog.  
Anybody that ever met her just had to love her.  Her beautiful
markings and A+ personality was remarkable.  We can't say enough
about how much Chloe meant to us. Sadly, she has recently passed
away( car accident), but we are waiting for another Brittany from
Havencrest!  Just want to say thanks to the Young family for raising
and caring for such great dogs!!
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