I thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures of Annie (pup of
Anna and Koda). She is growing very quickly (4 months old now) and
still has a lively personality. She is housebroken now and doing well.
She inherited her mother's love for fetching. Her registered name is
Annie Get Your Gun after her mother and father.
Thom and Jennifer Steger
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Hey Jeremy justed wanted to send a update on little olive she
really is a wonderful dog shes even pretty much house trained. Its
so cute how she follows my older brittany as you can see in the

Jeremy I can't beleave we have had the pup for over a week. she is
coming around great.She gets along with the other dogs, she is fast,
they have to cut her off to catch her, she is for sure part of the
family, she even get's along with the minature horse. Yesterday I
took her to the back of our property on the long check cord I have,
she did great I even let her go on her own, all I have to do is whistle
and she comes to me. She follows me every place I go, I'm adding to
our back porch and the saw and all the hammering doesn't bother
her. I guess me not working and beeing around the house all day
has helped her alot. Half way home Diane said she wishes she took
that little puppy, but said we are dog poor now. Next week I'm
going to release some birds for my old dog and thought I would let
her go chase the first, I think she will like that. At night she sleeps
next to me on the floor, that is until she knows Diane is asleep then
she jumps up next to me, I beleave we have a great bond, she's not
as big as a button, but she has a big heart. Again thanks a million
and when I get pictures I'll send them to ya. Say hi to the family and
catch ya later. Jim and Diane and the little one, we call her DJ for
Katie did well traveling. She vomited liquid two times as we
drove the winding road to the highway. She cuddled and slept for
almost 10 hours. She is eating well and is a very happy puppy.
She goes to the vet this Thursday. She is already retrieving a ball
and will drop the ball at our feet. She is learning her name and
most of the time comes when you call her. She is a very
affectionate puppy and loves to be cuddled. Thank you for all the
information you sent. Tom and Renee Heald
Here are a couple of pics of DJ and me before she went home
with Jim & Diane