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Just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for our
wonderful dog! I couldn't remember if I sent you a thank-you email
earlier, since moving was a little chaotic.
Champ is growing like a weed! He's getting so tall and muscular. He
loves playing with his chew toys, and sometimes he even plays with
our cat. I've attached some pictures I took of him this morning.
Thanks so much again for Champ! He's such a wonderful (and active)
addition to our family.
Joe and Lori
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Review of Haven Crest Gun Dogs
My wife and I started looking for a Brittany puppy back in
December of 2009. It was quite difficult to locate a local breeder
and we were very skeptical of purchasing a puppy over the internet
and having him shipped to our location. We luckily came across
HCGD's website which had adequate information and pictures of
their puppies, they were also located centrally here in TN which
made it an easy days drive to pick up our new puppy. Upon initially
contacting Jeremy via email he was extremely fast to respond to
answer any questions we had now and even later as our puppy hunt
continued. On the day we picked up Jasper at HCGD's Jeremy was
great and very helpful. We spent about 2 hours at his home getting
to know our new puppy and Jeremy was very helpful in answering
any questions that we had. Jasper has been in our home for a few
days doing wonderful and just had an excellent vet visit today. We
are very very happy that we choose our puppy from HCGD's and
would highly recommend them to anyone in the future.
Clint and Tiffany
HavenCrest is by far the best kennel I have ever seen. Jeremy
carries the "Best of the Best" picks when it comes to breed
standards, and far exceeds the excellence in care you would expect
to see in a kennel environment. The kennels are clean, spacious, and
well designed. When we purchased our Brittany "Gidget" from
him, the level of care didn't stop there. He has always been readily
available to offer advice on any problems or concerns I may have.
As far as Gidget, even as last of the litter, she has far exceeded all of
our expectations, and still proves to be a choice pick of the breed.
Jeremy sets the standard for what to look for in a breeder, and a
breed. His dogs and pups are spoiled!!!
I have been wanting to tell you how pleased we are with Rainey.
She brightens our days! We had our Grandchildren here (ages 4
and 6) and they fell in love with her. She was like a rag doll with
them, no growl, bite or scratch at all and believe me they were all
over her.
She is nearly 100% trained, and really is unless we miss her going
to the door, so it is our fault for not letting her out enough. She
knows how to sit and knows the word NO but does not like it much
and sometimes barks about it. She really is not much of a barker.
When our company came in and out of the house, (the adults)
sometimes she would bark a warning.
We are getting her spayed on Dec 14th and would let her have a
litter except at our age there is no way we could handle a litter of
puppies. She plays with her stuffed toys like they are babies. It is
really fun to watch. We kennel her at night and she does not
complain and stays quiet for a good 8 hours.
So we wanted you to know what a good girl she is. She is so smart
that she is always into things like taking paper towels or tissue and
shredding them to a million pieces, eating pencils and pens, socks,
etc. She puts her toys and towels and laundry up on our bed when
she can get them. She likes to have piles of things around her.We
let her up on our bed every night for about 10 or 15 minutes and
she is very calm and cuddly then before she goes to bed. I think she
will do it at age 1 too, but we don't mind.
Hope you had a nice holiday and that all is well. Do you have any
puppies left??