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She arrived safe and sound. Thank you. And is she cute!!! She whined
for a few minutes on the way home after I put her back in the crate at
the airport. She was a little freaked out at first but then she calmed
right down. She's been a little wound up but she just finished eating
her dinner and now I'm about ready to put the lights out in the
kitchen for her so she get the idea that it's time for bed. LOL. By the
way, everyone was just loving her. My brother in law, the big hunter,
must have said 10 times, "she's a mighty handsome little bird dog"
LOL He cannot wait to try and take her out when she's old enough.
Ok. I have to run. She's starting to get crazy  because cat's(Rammie)
in there with her and is completely ignoring her. So far so good on
those two. She just watches her and wags the tail. No craziness at all.
What a good dog. Anyway, I'll send you some pics soon. Thanks
again, Sebrina
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We love the puppy. It was the hit for Christmas. I am sending you
some pictures. She is already rotten. She slept all the way to
Tullahoma and she has been great. Hope you had a good
Christmas. I am sending you some pictures.
Hi Jeremy,
Just a short note to let you know that I love, love, love my
Scooter bug, we also call him flop because he doesn't just sit
anywhere, he flops down. He has made us so happy, he can now
sit, shake and we almost have him where he can roll over. (
Except when he gets too excited).
Scooter is our one and only dog. We just love him so much.
wanted to email these pictures of Scooter so you can see how he
is doing and to Thank you again for being so patient with us.
so you can see its a dogs life........ We love him and Thanks again.
Brenda Stephens
aka Scooters Mom
I have personally visited HavenCrest. Jeremy is extremely
knowledgeable. His children and wife are loving with their dogs.
Being a small breeder, I usually think large breeders fail in
giving their dogs the proper attention and love. However, I have
sold a female to Jeremy because I know he takes the utmost care
of his dogs and he loves them like they should be loved.
HavenCrest is a large breeder with a small breeder mentality.
Kyle Lane